Vhi Employee Assistance Programme

As an extension of this range of opportunities, DFI Service Suite, in conjunction with Vhi Corporate Solutions, is delighted to announce the launch of an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).  

Through the EAP, Vhi Corporate Solutions are offering access for you and your employees to a 24 hour telephone and face to face counselling and information service, with DFI member discounts of up to 70%.

Why is Employee Assistance important for your organisation?

In the current climate, the employees of voluntary disability organisations face increased pressures in both their work and personal lives.  Considering these significant pressures, organisations have a huge amount to gain from the introduction of a comprehensive system of support.  In addition to protecting the well-being of staff members, ongoing support for employees can help to counteract organisational problems such as absenteeism and poor performance, and to ultimately improve the standard of service that is being offered.

What is Vhi Corporate Solutions offering your organisation?

To assist organisations in building these effective support systems for staff, Vhi Corporate Solutions are offering DFI member organisations exclusive access to their Employee Assistance Programme, at heavily discounted rates.  The aim of Vhi’s EAP is to support staff in coping with the effects of personal or work related issues, by providing employees and family members with easy access to confidential, short term counselling.  The programme provides access to a range of information and support services that include:

·         24/7 telephone support for personal and family issues

·         Telephone information service on personal, family and work-related issues

·         Telephone and face to face counselling – where clinically appropriate

·         Legal and financial information service

·         Employee website

·         Manager support

·         Access to a dedicated EAP Consultant

·         Promotional material

Vhi’s EAP services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are delivered by a nationwide network of counsellors, making it easy for participants to access a counsellor in their local area.  The Programme is strictly confidential and adheres to the rules of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP), giving employees a safe, supportive environment in which to deal with their personal and professional issues.

In addition, DFI member organisations already availing of this service from Vhi will be able to avail of the new, discounted rate negotiated by DFI Service Suite.

For more information on how the Employee Assistance Programme can support your organisation, please contact Vhi or your local DFI Support Officer.

Vhi Corporate Solutions
Anna Connolly
Waverly Office Park
Old Naas Road
Dublin 12
Tel: (01) 799 4044
Email: anna.connolly@vhics.ie

Disability Federation of Ireland,
Fumbally Court
Fumbally Lane
Dublin 8
Tel: (01) 454 7978
Email: info@disability-federation.ie
Web: www.disability-federation.ie



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Employee Assistance Programme details Would you, your staff or your board benefit from a telephone and face to face counselling service which supports the work and personal lives of employees, in order to counteract organisational problems...

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