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Developmental and Support Services for Disability Federation of Ireland Member Organisations

As part of DFI's Developmental and Support Services of products for member organisations, we have developed the Organisation Healthcheck service for member organisations.

This service has been developed in response to the growing level of regulation of voluntary disability organisations. 

Areas covered

The Organisation Healthcheck is carried out across four areas of performance:

  1. Strategic Direction
  2. Governance
  3. Finance and Budgeting
  4. Staff and Volunteers
  5. Policies and Procedures

The Organisation Healthcheck is designed to assess the governance and capacity level of organisations, identify their strengths and weaknesses in the process and, where necessary, propose solutions to issues that need to be addressed. 


The aim of the Organisational Healthcheck is to encourage and promote a culture of continuous improvement amongst particpating organisations.  The purpose of the Organisation Healthcheck is not as a tick box exercise, it is aimed at organisational self-improvement. Therefore, to use it effectively, you need to be honest about what your organisation does and does not do or have in place.  Do not make assumptions.  Instead, research each point thoroughly and find out how effectively you are performing in each particular area.

Contact Details

For further information on Organisation Healthcheck and also PQASSO, contact Dermot O’Donnell on 01-4250125 / 086-7808639, dermotodonnell@disability-federation.ie or your DFI Support Officer.

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