Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions which may be of benefit to you.

How to apply for Disabled Parking Permit

To get a permit contact either of the following organisations:

Disabled Drivers Association

Parking Card Section
Tel: 094 936 4054
Fax: 094 936 4336

Irish Wheelchair Association

National Mobility Centre
Ballinagappa Road
Tel:+353 045 893 094 or 045 893 095
Fax:+353 045 861144

National Advocacy Service for people with disabilities

The National Advocacy Service (NAS) was set up to provide independent, representative advocacy services for people with disabilities.  It is organised and managed on a regional basis by the Boards of five Citizens Information Services and is supported by the Citizens Information Board.

The National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities can be contacted on the new national number 0761 07 3000.

More details are available on our website here:

Citizens Information Board -

This website is provided by the Citizens Information Board and contains information on assistive technology and a directory of products available from suppliers for people with disabilities and older people. 

There is also information for assistive technology for Independent Living available here:

Information on Disability and Illness Supports from Department of Social Protection

Information and details on disability and illness supports are available from the Department of Social Protection.  In addition there is information on location of your closest Social Protection office. 

Department of Social Protection website:

List of DFI Member Organisation

A full list of DFI Member Organisations is available on our website here:

How to apply for DFI membership

Full details on how to apply for DFI membership is available on our website here:

If you would like more information on this please contact your local Support Officer

Contact details for DFI

Contact details for DFI Support Officers in the regions are available here:

For all other staff please phone DFI Head Office on 01- 454 7978 



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