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All the Disability Federation of Ireland Newsletters from 2007

March 2007 Newsletter »»

March 2007 Newsletter "A Lot Planned, All To Do" DFI: Programme for Government (2007 - 2012) We are seeking to have three core proposals embedded in each party's general election manifesto and for inclusion...

April 2007 Newsletter »»

April 2007 Newsletter General Election 2007 DFI recently launched 'A Lot Planned, All To Do', DFI Programme for Government (2007 - 2012) at a gathering of Oireachteas members, political parties and member organisations....

May 2007 Newsletter »»

May 2007 Newsletter General Election 2007 When we launched 'A lot Planned, All To Do' the DFI Programme for Government, we stated that we would examine each Party manifesto against the DFI key demands. The Party manifestos...

June 2007 Newsletter »»

June 2007 Newsletter Disability and the Estimates & Budget 2008 The Election is over and now we must continue to remind the elected candidates of the commitments they made during their campaign. Disability must be...

July 2007 Newsletter »»

July 2007 Newsletter DFI Proposals Find Expression in The New Programme For Government When we launched "A Lot Planned - All To Do", our Programme for Government document we singled out three key issues...

August 2007 Newsletter »»

August 2007 Newsletter National Disability Strategy and Towards 2016 How disability organisations work together and how we work with the statutory and wider voluntary sectors will be one of the key factors in determining...

September 2007 Newsletter »»

September 2007 Newsletter Delivering the Commitment: Estimates and Budget Submission 2008 The Estimates and Budget 2008 is the first opportunity for the new Government to demonstrate their commitment to people with disabilities....

October / November 2007 Newsletter »»

October / November 2007 Newsletter 'Delivering the Commitment' Estimates and Budget 2008 Voluntary disability organisations have a pivotal role to play in supporting the delivery of mainstream services to people with disabilities....

December 2007 Newsletter »»

December 2007 Newsletter DFI WISHES ITS MEMBER ORGANISATIONS A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A PEACEFUL NEW YEARResponse to Budget 2008In its recent Programme for Government (June 2007), Government stated that: "This Government...

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