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All the Disability Federation of Ireland Newsletters from 2009

January / February 2009 Newsletter »»

January / February 2009 Newsletter Protecting Service Provision in the face of Ongoing Cuts There is no doubt but we are in challenging economic times. There is a deficit of €2 billion in the public finances for 2009. Services...

March 2009 Newsletter »»

March 2009 Newsletter HSE’s 1% Cuts Announcement on 19th February The HSE announced a further 1% cut in funding to voluntary disability organisations, on top of the 1% cut contained in the 2009 Budget. DFI have...

April 2009 Newsletter »»

April 2009 Newsletter DFI Urges Government to Protect Funding for Disability Services in Mini-Budget 2009 The second budget of 2009 brings new anxiety for voluntary disability organisations, disabled people and their ...

May 2009 Newsletter »»

May 2009 Newsletter Time for Government to Reaffirm its Commitment to Disability Before this recession there was a services crisis for people with disabilities – that is why there is a National Disability Strategy....

June 2009 Newsletter »»

June 2009 Newsletter Seeking Commitment to Disability In Advance of Local Elections DFI has sought commitments from the main political parties in the context of forthcoming local elections. We must ensure that commitments...

July 2009 Newsletter »»

July 2009 Newsletter Government needs to urgently reaffirm its commitment to delivering the National Disability Strategy as the McCarthy report is delivered Disability has been a Government priority for over a decade....

August 2009 Newsletter »»

August 2009 Newsletter Government Must Not Abandon its Commitments to People with Disabilities Government has repeatedly confirmed its commitment to people with disabilities. The Programme for Government 2007 states...

September 2009 Newsletter »»

September 2009 Newsletter Improving Delivery Through Corporate Governance All of our organisations are operating in a challenging environment. Service pressures, cuts already in place, along with anticipated further cuts...

October 2009 Newsletter »»

October 2009 Newsletter Government has protected our Banks now protect Disabled People To date there is no evidence available to DFI that Ministers and Secretaries Generals of the Departments are approaching Budget 2010...

November 2009 Newsletter »»

November 2009 Newsletter Preparing for Budget 2010 DFI has been working over the last few weeks to influence the Review of the Programme for Government. We have argued that Government needed to urgently agree with the...

December 2009 Newsletter »»

December 2009 Newsletter An Advocate for the Voluntary Disability Sector. Supporting Organisations to Enable People with Disabilities Cut Disability Services Now and People with Disabilities will Pay the Price for A Long...

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