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All the Disability Federation of Ireland Newsletters from 2011

Newsletter - January / February 2011 »»

  Newsletter - January / February 2011 Next Government and Disabled People: Propelling Forward or Reversing Back to Our Past? Between Friday 21st and Monday 24th of January so much changed in relation to the date of the election and the...

Newsletter March 2011 »»

  Newsletter March 2011 Programme for Government Must Name and Position Disability as Priority Societal Issue The major focus of our recent work has been the General Election. The election campaign focussed little on social...

Newsletter April 2011 »»

  Newsletter April 2011 In Government it is Only Actions that Count The recent launch of the National Advocacy Service is to be welcomed as an improved and more focused national service, building on the forty plus pilot...

Newsletter May 2011 »»

Newsletter May 2011 NDS Implementation Plan Needs To Be In Place by End May 2011We are coming into May, and we are now one third of the way through the year, and the new Government has been in place since early March.The...

Newsletter June / July 2011 »»

  Newsletter June / July 2011 CEO MessageThere has been a lot of activity over recent months in the HSE, with the development of National Consultative Fora, the establishment of the steering group looking at Universal Access to health...

Newsletter August 2011 »»

 Newsletter August 2011 Policy to Practice: Too Old to be EqualA recent investigation by the Ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, of a complaint about a decision not to award the Mobility Allowance to an individual on the grounds...

Newsletter September 2011 »»

Newsletter September 2011 The Challenges AheadWe are fast approaching the last quarter of 2011, and facing a daunting series of public policy events that will profoundly influence the environment in which voluntary disability organisations...

Newsletter October 2011 »»

Newsletter October 2011 Government Being Put to the Test by the Disability Sector Together, as citizens, we are facing the first of three (or more) austerity budgets from Ireland’s new Government. Budget 2012 will reveal...

Newsletter November 2011 »»

Newsletter November 2011 GETTING THE MESSAGE ACROSS This is a very busy time for your organisation, just as it is for DFI. While it may be tempting to speculate and worry about what Budget 2012 has in store, DFI urges instead...

Newsletter Budget 2012 Special »»

Newsletter Budget 2012 Special Budget 2012 Analysis The full impact of Budget 2012 as of yet cannot fully be realised. However, we welcomed the Taoiseachs move to pause the decision to cut the disability allowance for young...

Newsletter December 2011 »»

Newsletter December 2011 Facing the Challenge of Budget 2012 By the start of next week the Government will have taken further decisive actions to mend our broken economy. These decisions may widen the exposure and vulnerability...

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