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All the Disability Federation of Ireland Newsletters from 2012

Newsletter January / February 2012 »»

Newsletter January / February 2012 THE YEAR AHEAD As we start a new year, it is important to take time to consider our experiences of the year past, and to acknowledge the challenges we face, both as a community and as a country, in the...

Newsletter March 2012 »»

Newsletter March 2012 President Higgins Reflects on Community and Voluntary Organisations In a recent speech Ireland’s President, Michael D. Higgins, reflected on the importance of the community and voluntary sector...

Newsletter April 2012 »»

Newsletter April 2012 Call for the timely release of the Implementation Plan for the National Disability Strategy We welcome Minister Lynch’s commitment to the development of an Implementation Plan for the National Disability...

Newsletter May 2012 »»

Newsletter May 2012 Children First Are we, in the disability sector, putting children first? The Government is clearly demonstrating that it is moving quickly on the issue of child protection, and disability...

Newsletter June/July 2012 »»

 Newsletter June/July 2012 Developments within DFI In the current climate, all disability organisations are under pressure to change and adapt. This equally applies to DFI, and I would like to take this opportunity to update...

Newsletter August 2012 »»

Newsletter August 2012 Value for Money & Policy Review – Overdue and Incomplete, but Welcome Twelve years ago, in 2000, the Government officially adopted the policy of ‘mainstreaming’, the inclusion...

Newsletter September 2012 »»

Newsletter September 2012 Paralympics - The “Game Changer” for the Future - Expectations of People with Disabilities The opening of the Paralympic Games was a magnificent spectacle.  The Games providea...

Newsletter October 2012 »»

Newsletter October 2012 Decision Making Practices in Health Leave Disabled People Exposed Five weeks after the announced €10m cut to PA Services, beyond diverting the cut to apply across the disability programme,...

Newsletter November 2012 »»

Newsletter November 2012 Quality and Standards in Human Services in Ireland: Disability Services DFI welcomes and acknowledges the significance of the publication of the NESC report on quality and standards in disability...

Newsletter December 2012 »»

Newsletter December 2012 Will This Budget Continue to Undo the Contradictions between Health Policy And Practice? Irish health policy is now pointed in the right direction for people with disabilities.  For example...

Budget Special Newsletter »»

Budget Special Newsletter DFI is calling on Government to ensure that the HSE Service Plan follows through on protecting access to services for people with disabilities The Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) has learned...

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