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All the Disability Federation of Ireland Newsletters from 2013

Newsletter January/February 2013 »»

Newsletter January/February 2013 News on the HSE National Service Plan The HSE's National Service Plan was published this month, where it was announced that the allocation for disability services is to be reduced by...

Newsletter March 2013 »»

Newsletter March 2013 Health Related Developments The previous month was a busy one, in terms of health matters. DFI met with the Secretary General of the Department of Health, and the Assistant National Director for...

Newsletter April 2013 »»

Newsletter April 2013 DFI Newsletter April 2013 Disability and Community At this stage we have all agreed that people with disability are equal citizens and it’s the job of the State, the business community...

May Newsletter 2013 »»

May Newsletter 2013 Pre-Budget Action The budget has been brought forward this year to the 15th and 16th October and Minister Noonan recently confirmed that we will have two more austerity budgets involving more...

Newsletter June 2013 Special Local Government Reform Edition »»

Newsletter June 2013 Special Local Government Reform Edition Local Government Reform is also our Business “Putting People First” published in October 2012 by the Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government sets out the...

Newsletter July / August 2013 »»

Newsletter July / August 2013 In the final Prime Time debate before the General Election in 2011, both Eamon Gilmore and Enda Kenny stated that, if they were in government, they would prioritise people with disabilities as their...

Newsletter September 2013 »»

Newsletter September 2013 In a speech on citizenship delivered earlier this month, the Ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, stated that “the recession cued particular suffering for people with disabilities and for their...

Newsletter Oct - Nov 2013 »»

Newsletter Oct - Nov 2013 The Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) represents people with disabilities and disability organisations at local, national and European level. Eighty million people in Europe are living with a...

Budget 2014 Newsletter Special »»

Budget 2014 Newsletter Special This Budget and Government policy in general fails to coherently integrate people with disabilities into public service reform. It fails to support people with disabilities’ ambition to...

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