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Sign the “Leave Nobody Behind” Pledge

DFI Local and European Election Candidates Pledge: “Leave Nobody Behind”

“As a Candidate for the Local or European Elections we, The Disability Federation of Ireland, are asking you to sign our “Leave Nobody Behind” pledge to ensure that people with disabilities do not get left behind and to support our Top Election Priorities. On signing the pledge, your name will be listed on the DFI website”.

13% of the population report that they have a disability, that’s nearly 600,000 people. 

Disabled people experience high levels of consistent poverty, this means that they have a low income and have difficulty with basic provisions.  Additional costs of disability have been estimated to be a third of average weekly income.

The Disability Federation of Ireland represents the interests and the expectations of people with disabilities to be fully included in Irish society.  It comprises over 120 organisations that represent and support people with disabilities and disabling conditions.

“Leave Nobody Behind” Candidate Pledge.

“If elected, I  ___________________ seeking election to _______________ pledge:

  • work consistently to ensure that Ireland, as a matter of urgency has a credible and functioning infrastructure of services and supports available to people with disabilities as a necessary part of Ireland’s recovery programme.

  • I will do this through advancing the implementation of the Top Election Priorities as set out by the Disability Federation of Ireland”

Local Election Top Priorities

  • Enable people with disabilities to access mainstream public services and supports

  • Promote and facilitate the participation of people with disabilities in local decision-making structures

  • Local government to be guided by the National Disability Strategy Implementation Plan and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

European Election Top Priorities

  • Establish a Directorate for Disability Inclusion and appoint a Commissioner Vice President with dedicated responsibility for disability

  • Full ratification and monitoring of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) across Europe and in Ireland

  • Protection for people with disabilities against the negative impact of austerity measures

  • Mainstream disability rights across all areas of the European Union (EU) and national policies

  • ‘One Europe for All’ that is fully inclusive of people with disabilities

  • A renewed commitment to a barrier-free Europe.

Disability Federation of Ireland pledge to candidates.

“DFI undertakes to give ongoing support to all elected candidates who have signed the “Leave Nobody Behind” pledge.”


John Dolan


DFI Local and European Elections Manifestos are available along with all other information on our Campaign at

Note: DFI will only publish the name and relevant local election constituency of each Pledge signatory. We will not use or make public your email address or other contact details which may be provided.


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