Open letter on SSNO cuts to Minister Kelly and Minister Lynch

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July 2014

On 30th June, 26 disability and caring-oriented organisations saw their funding through the Scheme to Support National Organisations (SSNO) revoked, at a total annual loss of €1.2 million. 

The impact this is already bearing on people with disabilities, their families and their organisations is enormous. 

If you would like your voice heard on this issue, please copy the letter below (or open in word or pdf with attachment above) and send it to Minister Alan Kelly, the Minister for the Environment through which the scheme is run, and to Minister Kathleen Lynch, Minister of State for Disability at the Department of Health.

Minister Alan Kelly: Email:;  Address: Department of the Environment, Government Buildings, Upper Merrion Street, Dublin 2.

Minister Kathleen Lynch; Email:; Address: Department of Health, Hawkins House, Hawkins Street, Dublin 2.

Open Letter on SSNO cuts

Dear Minister,

On 30th June, 26 disability and caring-oriented organisations saw their funding revoked through the Scheme to Support National Organisations (SSNO), at a total annual loss of €1.2 million.  I am calling on you to enact appropriate measures to restore this funding to the affected organisations, and to ensure the induction of a Senior Minister for Disability Inclusion.

The cutbacks come on top of, and further compound, the devastating effects of ongoing cuts to both disabled people and their organisations over the last number of years.  The decision to cut the SSNO funding goes against the implementation mechanisms of the National Disability Strategy (NDS) put in place by Government itself, showing how a lack of joined-up thinking impacts negatively on communities and the services available to them.  Government now needs to demonstrate its ambition and commitment to people with disabilities by protecting and investing in this sector.

I am urging you to identify a new, stable funding stream which will safeguard the restoration of SSNO grants to those organisations which lost them:  it is unacceptable that so many community-based, disability-focused services are forced to shut some or all of their activities.  It is also highly important that a Senior Minister for Disability Inclusion is appointed, allowing for more progressive action on disability issues, the safeguarding of core disability services across government departments, and enhanced implementation of the NDS.

This issue requires immediate and resolute action and, as my representative in Government, I call on you to ensure that this happens.

Yours sincerely,






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