The ENTELIS Project

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The ENTELIS project - funded by the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme - brings together nine partners from across the European Union and one partner from the United States, in the whole providing all competencies and expertise needed to address this complex issue. Other organisations have joint the consortium as Associate Partners.

The aim of the project is to reduce the digital divide by developing a sustainable network of organisations that collaborate in the development of strategies and policies for digital skills development of persons with disabilities of all ages. The network includes organisations of people with disabilities, academic institutions, and service providers as well as national and international umbrella organisations.

They are now holding their second Conference "Reducing the digital divide: the role of Education" in Dublin on 12th November 2015 in collaboration with the “Universal Design in Education” Conference

The State of the Art report produced by the ENTELIS consortium clearly indicates that to bridge the digital divide barriers have to be removed and people have to be empowered. Change needs to occur solving some of the issues at the root and education is therefore key, whether this is the education of designers of products and services and their providers, as well as the education and training of persons with disabilities in using available solutions and services more effectively.

For that reason the ENTELIS seminar that will be held in Dublin on the 12th of November is dedicated to the role of education in bridging the digital divide, in close collaboration with the Conference on Universal Design in Education that will be held in the same venue as the second ENTELIS seminar. See for more details

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