Galway City Partnership Health and Wellness Event 22 October 2015

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Many thanks to Galway City Partnership for organising the Health and Wellness Event in Ballybane Community Resource Centre as part of the Social Inclusion Week 2015 for Galway City. It gave us all the informa opportunity of promoting and catching up with each of us involved on the CPTN as trainers, participants, and network steering group members.

Cathy McGrath (DFI) with Ciara D'Eath (CPTN participant) and Catherine McLoughlin (Personal Assistant). Ciara completed the course on Practical Self Advocacy as well as the Health and Wellness Course. Following on from this Ciara's linked in with Imelda from Galway City Partnership and is now in the middle of the cooking course as delivered by Galway City Partnership in the Ballybane Community Resource Centre.

Sinead Bradbury (Nutritionalist and Health Consultant), Cathy McGrath (DFI), Suzanne McKane (Galway City Parternship) and Imelda Gormally (Galway City Partnership).

Sinéad Bradbury (Nutritional Therapist and Health Consultant), Cathy McGrath (DFI), Suzanne McKane (Galway City Partnership, CPTN Network Member), Imelda Gormally (Galway City Partnership). Today gave us the chance to catch up on the success of the Health and Wellness course Sinead just finished delivering in Galway through the CPTN.

Sinéad gave up her busy time today to bring along some good food tasters and advice for people attending the event, it gave us all an idea of what the course was all about too, summed up with the following quote:

“My goal is to play a crucial role in improving the health of people living in Ireland. A healthier population means a healthier and stronger country.

We live in a time where it is imperative we optimise our nutritional intake and embrace positive lifestyle choices so we are equipped to deal with the array of challenges we are facing.

A healthy mind and body will make all the difference in how successful we are at dealing with these challenges.”

Sinéad Bradbury BBS, NT Dip, mIANT

Sinéad will be delivering the course again, this time in Limerick in November (Click here for full course details) (Click here for Sinéads website).

Photo of Fiona Casey and Cathy McGrath

Cathy McGrath (DFI) with Fiona Casey (CPTN participant and MDI). Fiona has completed the course in Practical Self Advocacy, as well as the Health and Wellness Coaching and is continuing with training on the QQI Level 5 Community Development Practice with Cathy as delivered by DFI's own staff PJ Cleere. This course was delivered with the aim of introducing community representation and how to go about it within your local community. (Click here for full course details).

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