Value for Money Forum Presentations-Wednesday 25th November

DFI hosted a Forum in their offices on the 25th November 2015 to discuss the Department of Health’s Value for Money program. The aim of this Forum was to provide a space where all stakeholders could share their experiences and thoughts on both the current model of disability services, the future of these services and the challenges faced in this period of transition.   Deidre Scully, Programme Manager for VFM, presented on progress to date as well as future directions for VFM. Following this, a representative from each of the 6 working groups gave an update on work to date. Below is an audio podcast of each speakers presentation on the day.

Audio Podcast Value For Money Overview and Introduction-Deidre Scully

Audio Podcast of Grainne Collins (Working Group 1) on Person Centred Model of Services and Supports

Audio Podcast of Paddy Connolly (Working Group 3) on People with Disabilities and Community Inclusion

Audio Podcast of Teresa Mallon (Working Group4) on Quality and Standards

Audio Podcast of Dharragh.P.Hunt (Working Group 5) on Management and Information Systems

Audio Podcast of Patricia McCormack (Working Group 6) on Governance and Service Arrangements

Audio Podcast of Ann Bourke (Working Group 2, Subgroup) on Progressing Disability Services for Children and Young People

Audio Podcast of Anne Melly (Working Group 2, Subgroup) on New Directions

Audio Podcast of PJ Cleere (Working Group2 Subgroup) on Time to Move on from Congregated settings

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