Creative Approaches to Practical Advocacy 

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Graphic by Fionn Angus Crombie

6 weekly sessions: September 22nd – October 27th, 2016. 10am - 4pm each week -  

Suan, Sandyvale, Galway.

In follow up to the delivery of the CPTN Course on Training, Delivery and Evaluation, along side the Training for Trainers to Deliver: Practical Self Advocacy Training Course, we are delighted to invite participants onto this course. It will be delivered by Fionnathan Productions. This is a father and son social enterprise that intends to change the world. Through music, live presentations, videos, and visual arts, Fionn and Jonathan seek to collaborate with diverse people who are passionate about what they do.

The main goal of the course is to support you to identify the challenges that you may have and ways you can solve them so that you can create your own Good Life (whatever that means to you).

 Desired Outcomes also include:

· Build communication skills and self confidence

· Identify goals and design a plan to reach them

· Nurture your support network

We believe in active learning. That means you won’t be sitting and listening to someone talk at you for hours on end. You will be invited to consider the content of the course from your own perspective, and to share your thoughts in conversation. And we’ll be moving around, too We will have both group and individual artistic activities. Ideas and insights come to us while we are creating. No experience with art or particular skill is required, just a willingness to try new things. 

There will be written work, but you can bring an assistant to act as your scribe. The important thing is that you record aspects of your process throughout the course. For example, you will make a life map that shows the important points in the journey you have taken so far to become who you are.

Course Content

  • Core subjects to be covered will include Models of Disability; The Media; Education and Work; The Law; Social Exclusion; and Politics of Daily Living. 
  • Once we’ve gotten to know each other, there will be Individual Presentations, when you are invited to tell a story of significance in your life.
  • Practical Advice sessions will cover such subjects as Developing Your Circle of Support; Using Social Media; Knowing Your Rights; Housing; Transportation; and Individual Funding.

Course Details:

€80 Fee: Concessions available

Location: Galway City (venue to be confirmed)

To register online only please click here

For further information contact: Cathy McGrath on 086 384 7440 /


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