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6 weekly sessions: 06 October - 10 November 2016. 11am - 4.30pm each day 

NCBI, 2-3 Parkview Court, Lord Edward Street, Limerick

In follow up to the delivery of the CPTN Course on Training, Delivery and Evaluation, along side the Training for Trainers to Deliver: Practical Self Advocacy Training Course, we are delighted to invite participants onto this course.  The main goal of the course is to support you to identify the challenges that you may have and ways you can solve them so that you can create your own Good Life (whatever that means to you).

What is Practical Self Advocacy?

Advocacy gives people the power to control their lives.

Desired Outcomes:

· Confidence in yourself.

· Speaking up for your rights.

· Reaching your individual goal in life.

· Communication Skills.

The course will be a one day a week for six weeks. Each week will have a different theme which will include individual inputs and working in groups. The most important thing is that participants feel comfortable and every ones views are treated with respect and support.

  Course Content

  • Core subjects to be covered will include Models of Disability; The Media; Education and Work; The Law; Social Exclusion; and Politics of Daily Living. 
  • Once we’ve gotten to know each other, there will be Individual Presentations, when you are invited to tell a story of significance in your life.
  • Practical Advice sessions will cover such subjects as Developing Your Circle of Support; Using Social Media; Knowing Your Rights; Housing; Transportation; and Individual Funding.

Weekly content:

  • Week 1 Introductions and getting to know each other. Course outline examined and brief introductions shared. We will explore what Self Advocacy is and see what the expectations of each participant is.
  • Week 2 We will look confidence building and active listening. What does this mean, and how can it be of value to our lives.
  • Week 3 We will explore the social barriers that may disable us from taking part in our community, and leading a more active life.
  • Week  4  We will work to move on from discussion to action and explore what supports we have in ourselves, or available to us to achieve specific dreams or goals.
  • Week 5 Resources, sharing ideas, making plans!
  • Week 6 Celebrating the end of the course, with evaluation, feedback and recognising what's next for us all. 


Maureen Browne and Siobhan Colleran are both experienced in delivering training and facilitation. Maureen and Siobhan engaged in CPTN training including Community Representation, Practical Self Advocacy and Train the Trainer and look forward to the opportunity to share the ideas and opportunities that come from advocacy in practice.

Course Details:

€80 Fee: Concessions rate: €26


Lord Edward Street, Limerick. Located close to Limerick bus and train station.

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For further information contact:  Martha Potter on 087 281 3341 /


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