Campaign to make Dublin accessible

Your parked car can be a huge hurdle for the disabled

Many Dubliners will be shocked to learn that some of their everyday actions unconsciously create major difficulties for people with disabilities on the streets of Dublin.

For example;

·       Badly parking a car so it partly blocks the footpath,

·       Leaving your hedge overgrow onto the footpath,

·       Parking your bike against a lamp post,

·       Businesses putting up sandwich boards on the street.

A major public awareness campaign, launched today aims to inform people and improve behavior in a very visual way. It comes as a result of a process that involved two workshops at the Mansion House organized by DFI and hosted by the Lord Mayor, Cllr Brendan Carr, and Dublin City Council.

Our CEO, Sen. John Dolan said; “We are delighted to welcome this campaign on behalf of the 80 plus people with disabilities who inspired it. They came to the Mansion House and took up the Lord Mayor's challenge to work towards making Dublin accessible for everyone. A common issue we kept coming back to was that greater public awareness of disability is the key to real accessibility. Disability takes many forms and this campaign just asks people to stop and think about how we can better share the city’s space.”

The outdoor advertising campaign, shows in a very visual way how innocent actions can create major obstacles for people with visual and mobility disabilities in the city. Watch out for the posters on Dublin Bus vehicles, bus shelters and on a number of JCDecaux outdoor sites across Dublin city for the next four weeks.

If you see examples of this type of behavior around Dublin use the hashtag #MakeWayDublin and post a photo to our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter.


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