Notes for applicants to become a DFI Affiliate Organisation (Updated 2015)

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(To be read in conjunction with ‘DFI Affiliate’ - Application Form)


DFI Expectations of Affiliates:

Organisations/individuals can become associated with DFI through two channels. For voluntary disabled persons’ organisations through the Affiliate Organisation Strand and any others, be they organisations or individuals, through the Associate Strand (see ‘DFI Affiliate Organisation and Associate Strands Eligibility’).


Disability is now seen as an issue across society so the DFI Associate strand gives organisations/individuals, be they in the broad voluntary sector, non-profit, for profit, state or civil society sector an opportunity to be associated with DFI and similarly for individuals.


Whether through the Affiliate Organisation Strand, or Associate Strand, DFI has set out a number of expectations for all applicants. We recognise that organisations differ widely in terms of size, stage of development and the organisational issues that they are currently dealing with, or which might need to be addressed. Our approach is to get agreement to key commitments from the organisation which relate to progressively improving and deepening its disability commitment. This is set out as placing expectations on the organisation.


Our starting point is that all organisations who are associated with DFI are committed to improving the status of people with disabilities in Ireland and that they will progressively work towards that objective (see Clause 2 DFI Memorandum of Association). DFI will progressively assist organisations in that regard.


DFI Affiliates – Terms and Conditions

  1. It is expected that each voluntary disabled persons’ organisation be registered as a charity with the Revenue Commissioners and it should submit the following with their completed application form:
    • Rules / Constitution or in the case of a Limited Company, Memorandum and Articles of Association.
    • Relevant Minutes of Board / Council /Committee recording the decision to apply for Affiliated Organisation status.
    • Audited Accounts – for latest year available.
    • Annual Report – for latest year available.
    • Any other reports setting out progress towards achievement of its objects e.g. strategic and operational plans.
    • Completed application form.


  1.  The DFI Board of Directors is authorised to consider the suitability of such applications (see Article 2 (2)) and to seek any further information and assurances as it deems necessary and in particular to ensure that any such applicant body is an appropriate one to promote the objects of DFI.  


  1. The organisation must be voluntary in terms of governance, have charity status and its sole and primary purpose must relate to the support and advancement of people with disabilities and disabling conditions as equal citizens.


  1. Each organisation, on being accepted as a DFI Affiliate is expected to participate in the work of the Federation and to work collaboratively and respectfully with other Affiliate Organisations and Associates in support of the objectives of the Federation.


  1. Each Affiliate Organisation is expected to acknowledge publicly its membership of DFI.


  1. Furthermore each Affiliate Organisation will recognise the central role that voluntary disabled persons’ organisations play in advancing the representation and inclusion of people with disabilities in society.


  1. It will be expected that each organisation is continuously striving to achieve best practice in relation to the operation of the organisation and its range of services and activities, in keeping with the objects of DFI.


  1. Organisations are expected to routinely forward key documents to DFI such as annual reports and accounts, strategic and other plans agreed and any other documents relating to its overall work and focus.


  1. The organisation consents to filling out an annual/periodical questionnaire, and meet with DFI, if necessary, to provide relevant updates on the work of the organisation as a DFI Affiliate.


  1. Membership in no way confers an endorsement on the organisation in relation to the quality or otherwise of its services and activities.   


Completed application form and supporting documentation to be returned to:

Chief Executive Officer,
Disability Federation of Ireland,
Fumbally Court,
Fumbally Lane,
Dublin 8

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