DFI Associate - Application Form (Updated 2015)

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(Note: (1) Please read the ‘Notes for DFI Associates’ document

(2) There are three sections to this form: Section A is for organisations only; Section B is for Individuals only and; Section C questions 1-3 are to be filled out by all applicants, questions 4 and 5 are for organisations only. DFI Staff members will be happy to assist with the application process)


Section A: Organisations

(If you are applying as an individual please go to section B)


A.1)     Name of Organisation: _______________________________________


A.2)     Address:                         _______________________________________




Organisation Details

Contact Person Details

Phone Number: ________________

Name: ________________

Fax: ________________

Position in Organisation: ___________

Email: ________________

Phone (Landline): ________________

Website: ________________

Phone (Mobile): ________________


Email: ________________


A.4)     Status: (please tick where appropriate)


Voluntary                      Statutory                    Private / For Profit




  • Phone (Landline): _____________________
  • Phone (Mobile):  ______________________
  • Fax: ________________________________
  • Email:  ______________________________


Section C:

  1. to be completed by all applicants, 4-5 to be completed by organisations only)


C.1)     Please set out briefly the reasons for seeking to become a DFI Associate:

C.2)     How do you consider that you can assist the work of DFI:

C.3)     How do you consider that DFI can support you: 


For Organisations Only:


C.4)     Primary business / activity areas of the organisation:


C.5)     Does your organisation have any current involvement or engagement relating to disability?

Yes                                         No


If yes, please outline:


Please enclose copies of:


  • Annual Report for latest year available and or any other documentation that describes the work of the organisation.


On receipt of the application further information may be sought.


I have read the attached ‘Notes for applicants to become DFI Associates – Terms and Conditions’ and I confirm on behalf of the organisation / as an individual named in the attached application form that the organisation/person is seeking to become a DFI Associate in keeping with the terms and conditions and is willing to abide by the obligations as set out, or as amended from time to time.



Signed: ______________________________

On behalf of [organisation name]: _________________________

Date: _________________


Completed application form and supporting documentation to be returned to:


Disability Federation of Ireland,

Fumbally Court,

Fumbally Lane,

Dublin 8

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